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There are many other factors when valuing your property such as:

  • The strength of the local market
  • Demand and supply forces
  • The rental price of other similar properties (comparable‚Äôs) in the local area.
  • The age and type of property
  • The fixtures and features of a property
  • The property's construction and state of repair
  • The position within the locality and the surrounding amenities available
  • The tenure, tenancies, services charges or any other liabilities

As your local agent we have vast knowledge and understanding of the area we work in. We know that accurate valuation of your property is of utmost importance in a competitive fast-paced market, in order to achieve the results promised to you. If the property is valued too high or too low this will have a big impact on the letting of the property; losing interest from potential tenants and delaying the lettings process. That is why we provide valuations with supporting evidence of comparable properties both currently on the market and those which have recently been let.